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The Tour of the Combins

Six days around a renowned plays of exeptional beauty
Anzahl Seiten: 50
Sprache: English
Format: 140 X 210
Erscheinungsdatum: 21 june 2016
Einbandart: Thermo
Sammlung: Suisse itinérance - trekking
ISBN: 978-2-88341-269-9
CHF 24.00

A demanding but unforgettable six day trek around the Grand Combin massif (4314 m) and its neighbours - the Petit Combin, the Combin de Corbassière, Boveire, Meitin, Valsorey and the Tsessette. The Tour des Combins : alpine trails between Switzerland and Italy with intense and vigourous stages that offer varied and sumptuous landscapes. Mountain accomodation, away from village life, lasting and unforgettable memories without fail.

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